Top Ten Excuses to Avoid a Date

Top Ten Excuses to Avoid a Date

He asked you out and you said no. He asked you again. You said no again. This is becoming a vicious cycle. Since this guy doesn’t understand that the word “no” is a complete sentence, here are ten excuses that make the dating game more exciting than it already is.

1. “My Palm Reader Said I Shouldn’t Date.”

Read my Palm

What is good about this excuse is that it doesn’t sound like an excuse at all. If your date is a good guy, he will respect your beliefs. He might gain respect for your beliefs because of two things: one, you remind him of his grandmother and two, his Psychology 101 professor taught him to respect potential patients.

2. “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.”

Busy with my books

Say yes to his offer. Just say yes to everything he says. When the time comes that he has to pick you up , just say that your boss (or thesis group mate, if you are a student) just called you up for an important meeting. Make him believe that not going to the meeting is a matter of life or death, and that going out with him means you are dead meat.

3. “The Force Does Not Agree With Me.”

Forces Disagreements

Pretend that there is this “force” you have felt around you since you were a kid. You can’t explain it yourself, but this force helps you decide things. It has always helped you make good choices, from what courses to take in college to the people you date.This day, the force just isn’t with you. There is a disturbance that tells you not to go on a date with the guy. The guy will surely stay away from you because you just scared the hell out of him.

4. “I Am Pre-Occupied With Thinking About the World.”

A lot of things in mind

Appear in front of the guy with nerdy thick-rimmed spectacles, unkempt hair and a pair of eye bags for all the world to see. This is what you get for being a concerned citizen and you love every minute of this life-changing experience.

Make him believe that you are involved in a lot of social activities–you devote time to charities, you rally on the streets, you read political news and public affairs everyday. If he doesn’t get what you mean, say it straight to his face: “Hey, John, I honestly think that there are more significant issues in the world to worry about than going on a date with you.”

5. “I Just Don’t Deserve This Date.”

Talking to the Man

Rejecting or avoiding a date is never a laughing matter because no matter how you put it, you will always end up hurting the other party. If you really can’t grant the guy’s request, it helps to at least be gentle in telling him about your decision.

Having too much guilt in your life can be an excuse. Tell the guy that going out with him can be the best time of your life next to the day you were born. But like any other human being, you have issues to deal with. You have done so many bad things in the past like backstabbing people and cheating on men, and dating a good guy like him is not what you deserve for the moment.

6. “My Age is a Hindrance.”

Im Older than you are

Tell him that you fool a lot of people with the way you look. Tell him that you’re not as young as he thinks, and, in fact, you are too old to date him. You can tell him that you’ve been there and that you’ve already done that. Dating doesn’t excite you anymore because you know the psychology of men. In fact, you know everything he would say during the date if you ever decide to go out with him.

On the other hand, you can also tell him that you are too young for it. He first has to talk to your dad and your Rottweiler.

7. “I’m Rejecting You Because I Am Nice.”

Let him understand

The truth is, you can always say no to avoid a date, but that would be too unexciting.

Try something new like telling this persistent guy that you are a nice person. By “nice person”, you mean, you want to give others a chance. If he doesn’t get it, tell him that saying yes to a date with him is being unfair to the other Beautiful People.

8. “I Am Sick of Publicity.”

Celebrity Look

Be the most arrogant woman the guy will ever meet in his entire life. Tell him that you were born to be popular. You grew up spending 75% of your life rejecting offers in the showbiz industry. If you go out on a date with him, a lot of talent scouts will spot you again and ask for the same thing.

Make him realize that you are busy trying to be less popular. Bring him to his senses and tell him that if you hate being chased by producers and talents scouts from Hollywood, what would make him think you want his attention?

9. “I Have Unexpected Epileptic Attacks.”

Still Sick

He may be concerned about your illness, but faking an illness is a classic way to avoid anything. Tell him that you have frequent unexpected epileptic attacks so you must avoid the date next week. You will definitely have enough of his offers. He won’t ask you out again.

10. “You Know, We Schizos, We Tend To… Ugh…”

Weird Acts

This is the certified excuse if the previous ones didn’t work. Yes, you have to directly tell a guy that you are a psycho. He may take this as a joke if you don’t act believable. Improve your acting by crying about being disrespected and discriminated against because of your mental condition and then laugh because you think you are unique.

Explain to him that you are not fit for any form of social interaction. Tell him that you don’t feel comfortable with people in a restaurant because that is exactly where you hear things that your friends say aren’t really there.

Laugh at yourself. Cry for your fate. Laugh at yourself again. The cycle does the trick. This way, he may even do everything in his power to forget that you exist – just the way you like it.

If you can’t think up a credible excuse to ditch that loser and really have to go on that date, you better have a lot of ideas to ruin a first date with you. But if you’ve found someone you like and would just love to take them out, you could use some of our Top Ten Best Pickup Lines.

Good luck! Using any of these tips, you should be able to get him to go away in no time!

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