Top Ten Best Pick Up Lines: For Your Dating Success

Top Ten Best Pick Up Lines

We know that pick up lines rarely work. Especially with women, who find most pick up lines insulting and unflattering. Most women, even men, will tell you that using pick up lines are not a good way to meet other people. As social beings trying to fit in these rule-infested society, there has to be a conversation starter. So whether you like it or not, what you say to start a conversation will come across as a pick up line.

With all the bad reputation that pick up lines had received throughout the years, you think there are no decent pick up lines left for dating consumption. Regardless of what women or men say, opening lines should be delivered sincerely and respectfully, and these lines should be witty and funny. Aside from these, pick up lines that are overtly sexual are seldom flattering, so avoid these at all costs.

To applaud the existence of pick up lines that are of standard, here is a list of the top ten best ones. Read on and be educated.

1. “Hi there. What’s your name?”

Say hi and break the silence

The simplest way to chat up another person is to be real and simple, without any pretensions. Actually coming up to the other person to ask for his or her name, will actually work better. So instead of saying something like, “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”, consider asking the other person’s name. It may be old and used often, but it is a classic. Genuine and direct—what more can you ask for?

2. “So what haven’t you been told tonight?”

Whispering softly

This line is highly original and will make you stand out from the rest of the pick-up-line-using-population. By saying this, you acknowledge that she is one of the few girls that has been getting hit on, flattering her in a way that is not insulting. Also, by saying this, you express your desire to know the other person, but you do not wish to add to his or her frustration with all the pick up lines that had been used already. Saying this line will also make you sound confident and interested enough to try to strike up a conversation without insulting your and the other person’s intelligence.

3. “See my friend over there? He wants to know if you think I’m cute.”

Approaching a guy

This one may have been used a lot of times in the dating world, but it still retains that certain originality and adorable boyish/girlish sweetness. As with other non-insulting pick up lines, this is guaranteed to elicit a smile from the other person. Just remember to be polite when you deliver it; otherwise, you will sound arrogant and full of yourself.

4. My friends over there bet that I wouldn’t be able to start a conversation with the most adorable person in the room. Want to buy some drinks with their money?

Enjoying a drink

Like number three, this one has a certain sweetness to it. Aside from that, it also sounds as if you are already engaging her into a conversation that does not put you both in an awkward situation. For someone trying to strike up a conversation with a stranger, that is an additional positive point.

5. “I may not be the best-looking guy in here, but I have the guts to talk to you.”

I got the balls to talk to you

A highly innocent sounding line, this one, but it should be used with caution. Read: Only good-looking and confident (not arrogant) people should use this one, because they will be viewed as being modest. Imagine yourself hearing this line from someone who is not as attractive, you can take it as a sign of arrogance and insecurity—big turnoffs. Remember this line works if it seems that you are being down-to-earth.

6. “I’m new in this town and I can’t find my way around; can I have directions to your place?”

Hello ladies!

Use this line with caution, or you may sound like a stalker. Say this line with arrogance and you will completely spoil the other person’s mood. This will especially work if you are honestly new to someplace, as old-timers find it refreshing to welcome new people to speak with. If the other person has a good sense of humor, you will get more than a casual shrug or a laugh. Do not use this, however, if it is the other way around as it could backfire.

7. “Oh, hi. Who’s your friend over there?”

Can you tell me who your friend is?

Using this line is somewhat risky, as it can sound as if you are insulting your target’s looks or what-have-you. On the other side of things, however, this is a good way to put the other person at ease. Why so? You are shattering any pretense her or she might have regarding your actions by putting the spotlight on hid or her friend. For the other person, this can be intriguing, as it will him or her think why you asked about his or her friend instead. Just make sure not to let your target’s friend hear you.

8. “Uhm, if I go home with you, will you keep me?”

Let us go home

This line is fairly blunt, but it has that certain appeal to it—like a lost pet begging for a new home. The perfect time to use this one is when you see someone who is friendly to others, as he or she is sure to be approachable. The other person may feel a little queasy when you say this, but do not fret—once you have made your intentions clear, it will sure start out a nice conversation.

9. “I was wondering if you have a moment to spare for me to hit on you?”

Here is my number, call me!

Direct and brave—this line should be used with accompanying politeness. A relatively innocent line that has an innocent appeal, this is sure to make the other person to notice you without you making him or her feel threatened. Aside from that, it also effectively sends the message that you are genuinely interested in knowing the other person.

10. “What’s a sexy person like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?”

Seduction at its best

A line that should be used with caution, this conveys that you find the other person hot without sounding like a sex-crazed maniac. Doing it right can be one of the best flirting techniques known to man. Be sure to say this with politeness, however, or you will sound offensive.

Among the pick up lines above, which are your personal favorites? Just follow the rules on dating—that is to say, always be confident but not arrogant—and you are sure to catch the attention of the other person. If you enjoy reading this article, you’ll surely be interested in learning how to flirt.

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